is an employee-owned company specializing in manufacturing and rebuilding static quartz baths for acid and solvent use. We also supply digital controllers for a variety of related applications and repair quartz parts.

Mark McGinley founded PROMAC on a simple idea: create delighted customers. When we began, few companies made repair a priority, resulting in long delivery, high prices and indifferent quality. We first won customers by delivering standard rebuilt baths in 7-10 working days AND saving them money, and we have kept those customers by delivering consistent, superior quality.

As our reputation for quality grew, customers began asking us to build new wet etch quartz baths. Our knowledge of how virtually all baths fail in practically every application led to the development of our PROBATH™ line of quartz baths.

We remain committed to that simple idea today:

  • Standard rebuilds still ship in 7-10 working days.
  • In-stock PROBATH™ baths can ship same day.
  • PVDF rotomolded enclosures are standard.
  • You can still talk to the people who do the work.
  • We still care about quality.
  • We can still save you money.
Are you delighted with your quartz baths? Call us. Let's talk about how we can make all your quartz bath problems go away.

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